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PolarisDrawings's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hey! Welcome to my trashcan I call home~

I'm still a Beginner in digital art but I'm aiming to improve!

I tend to draw Jack, Mark, Their evil counterparts, some other stuff and anything related to yaoi

Yes! I'm a hard core yaoi trashcan!! (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

This miracle :iconchromamode: drew that bad ass Googleplier for me that you see up there! Check her out if you haven't! Her and her art is too awesome to miss!


Phone Conflict - Comic
So this is my first comic! I hope you like it :3  This took around a week to make and a lotta effort but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out ^-^

Anti should workd on his temper huhu~ 

Video Here:…

Support me on Instagram:…
This drawing was entirely unintentional. Shrug [The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air] I was just drawing my first ever comic and then I had a conversation with my brain:

Brain: *Why don't we just add a blue shadow or somethin'?*

Me: *Why?*

Brain: *Because.*

Me: *It's not part of the comic though*

Brain: *It'll look cool you dumbass*

Me: *But-*

Brain: *Just add the f*cken shadow*

Me: *Geeze, okay*


Me: *There, happy?*

Brain: *Oh damn that looks cool...*

Me: *Okay can I get back to the comi-*

Brain: *Oh! I know! Lets add some text behind him!*

Me: *But it's not part of the-*


And so that's pretty much how I got to drawing this. The blue on his face and hair is not part of him it's just a light below him. This comic will feature Googleplier & Antisepticeye. Also, don't mind the earpiece, that's not part of him. (Will be out soon!)  I hope you like it! :'D
Antisepticeye - Animation in Process
So I'm working on a creepy animation (because I feel like it Shrugs)  This is a screen shot I guess? I wanted to ask if my 'version' of Anti looks any good? I wont be giving a full body drawing just yet because I haven't entirely decided on that. But what do you think of this ripped mouth thing? I kinda love and hate it idk lol.

I have no faith in this version of Anti ;AAA;
Anatomy Practice - 2 Hair
I wanted to do a drawing of Jack but soon realized that I can't draw hair ;________; So instead I thought I should actually practice drawing hair xD It's still pretty bad but I'm slowly getting the hang of it ;a; at least it's better that what I used to draw as hair 3 months ago. I never realized until now what I was doing wrong lol, I always drew the hair without a bloody hair-line xD So this time I actually added in a hair line- and bam, already looks a little better. (Yes I know the one with purple hair doesn't have a hair-line lol)

I wasn't really going to do certain people but managed to draw Dark, Anti and maybe Pewds? Again, not really focusing on people as much as the hair. The shy one on the bottom left is my OC :'D I have only decided that when I was drawing him ^-^ He still doesn't have a name but as soon as I come up with some facts about him, I'll try to draw him more fleshed out :3 (even though people don't care about others OC's ;-; ) I have to give him a boy friend....

It seems that I'm obsessed with hair gradients... Nick Wilde (Deleted Scene) - Icon 

Anywho! I hope you like my sketchy-do-thing!


:iconjademere: :iconkannibalismus: :iconozumii: :iconkiwa007: :iconootor-o: :iconelenmrakipiler: :iconkonoira: :iconcosmicchara: :icondarkadmin-e: :iconjaidenanimations: :iconchromamode: :iconristikettu: :iconmaskman626: :iconloverrevolveri: :iconhiggiandxene: :iconwlop: :iconantidarkkitten:


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